Thursday, March 8, 2012

A Blustery Day

Oklahoma weather...If you don't like it, just wait five minutes and it will change.  The weather has been gorgeous lately.  The daffodils are out, the birds are twitterpated.  Today there was rain, hail, high winds and it was so cold.  Our heater is acting up and we are all cold.  Poor Bug is sleeping under my hoodie and she finally just stopped her shivering.  She HATES her pajamas that I made yesterday.  It is an adorable fleece number that she manages to squiggle out of after about ten minutes of looking utterly demoralized.  You know the Chi stare.  So grumpy.  I figure I am going to have to make something more snugly that she can move around in better without being able to stuff her hind legs under.  She is a determined little booger.  Nothing at the stores fit her.  She is so teensy.  She weighs about two pounds IF that. 
But I am too cold today and getting a bit ill so I am cuddled up with her watching her Big Daddy,  Mr. Bubbles , play Battlefield. Bug is his Little Sister.
I said that I was going to post some pics of Bug's buddies.  I need to get a picture of her evil brother, Rex, or as I call him, CHIHUAHUASAURUS Rex.  He looks just like her and he belongs to my mother-in-law.  He is a meany and spoiled more than Bug, only he is spoiled ROTTEN.  She is spoiled sweet.
My parents have a  cockatoo named Clover.  She is spoiled rotten as well.

 You will see in the photos that she has on what looks like a Kevlar breastplate.  Well, she is a rescue bird that tends to self mutilate.  This works very well to prevent her from tearing at her flesh while allowing her mobility.  She can stretch her feathers and even fly a bit when she hops off her perch in the den.  If you know a self mutilating bird, email me and I would be happy to give you directions on how my mother made the plate.  I might even do a tutorial!
She does not like stuffed animals or beverages in cans. I could go on forever about this little girl bird, but this is Bug's blog, not Miss Clover's.  I might start one for her someday. 
She tolerates Bug.  That is no small thing.  She is a bit (a whole lot) neurotic, even for a cockatoo.  They tend to be a little bug nuts anyway.  She is a lot bug nuts. That is what happens when people think they want an exotic bird and do not research them then make a purchase and end up neglecting, starving, abusing and treating them like crap (I think people get buyers remorse because of the expense and when the bird is not all pollywantacracker and acting the way the purchaser THINKS the bird should act then they take it out on the poor beast! People can be turds!) So that she likes Bug is pretty amazing.  The day they met, she shared her food with Bug.  Or maybe not.  She did throw all her favorite (purple) crunchies at Bug who at them all up.  But then she tried to clock Bug with an almond still in the shell.  SO....???
Bug also loves to chase my parents' cats around.  Talk about entertainment.
Orange Kitty. (he IS very orange)

Beau. He craps bigger than her but he goes a'runnin' when she shows up.  The first place she goes to at Memaw and Pawpaw's is their bedroom to look for slippers that need state secrets tortured out of them and chase the cats out from under the bed. 
Not pictured is JoJo.  JoJo is hiding under the bed. She hates Bug.  LOL.

Well, we just got our dinner and she smelled taquitos smothered in chili (leftover night, just throw everything in the oven together, mmmmm).  I better get her fed too. 
She has many more friends.  Stay tuned, we gotta get these basics out of the way so you can know Bug the way we know Bug.  Just getting started!

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