Saturday, July 14, 2012

Frozen Watermelon Snorfles

Aldi had seedless watermelons for 3.99.  I bought one and gutted it this morning and put the bowl in the freezer. These frozen chunks are better than popsicles and are better than paletas.  I gave the bunnies a few slivers of  the pale pink fruit from close to the rind with their breakfast greens (less sugar).  Meany Girl is not an aggressive eater, so before she could grab a slice, Fatty chased her off and snorfled it all.  I think she did get the last piece I gave her and I went ahead and added some of the juice that came off the pink and rind in their water crock.  Even Simon and Bug got a watermelon chunk treat. 

Frozen watermelon chunks are a super way to stay cool by lowering your core temperature in a tasty, healthy way.  Forget popsicles! Freeze watermelon! You can put all the chunks into a large bowl and stick it in your freezer, but do not pack any of it. Just let the chunks sit loosely on each other so they wont freeze rock solid together.  The natural sugar content should prevent the chunks from freezing rock hard.  And you don't have to mess with food processors and molds.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PrettyPretty Princesses DO NOT Do That!!!!

Oh, my Bug is a nasty little pretty pretty princess!  She licks Spider The Cat's butt after he poops, she digs in the cat box for crunchy covered brown morsels and digs in the bathroom wastebasket! Pretty pretty princesses just should not do stuff like that! EW. And she knows she shouldn't do those things because she sees us see her doing them and those ears get plastered to her head, she gets the guiltiest look on her face and runs off before we can even scold her.  Today she had a chunk of cat poop ON A BASKET OF CLEAN LAUNDRY, just munching away.  When Josh yelled at her and she jumped out, a little piece of her "yummy treat" went flying out of the basket.  She ran up to it at the same time I am running to get it off the floor and we play a game of pick-up-poop, which she wins.  She grabbed it and happily ran into my bedroom with her prize.  I come running after her before she can jump on the bed with it.  When I lay down for a minute, she has the NERVE to run up to me like she is just the perfect little doll baby and tries to LICK MY FACE.

Little Miss Nonchalant

Thank goodness she is too small to reach the toilet water!!!

She is not even cute in any of these pictures. Or maybe I am just grossed out by her very unladylike habits.

Yes, hide your face! Cat poop is gross!

Oh, who am I kidding? She is still my girl baby princess!!!!

Simon Says: Cat poops are ewwwwww...that's why I only eat of the trash or gutters!
Good boy, Simon!

It was my day to at Heartland Rabbit Rescue.  These girls all fought over my attention til I went in there and sat down.  I guess they were very unimpressed with my digging in their sand pit. They should not have such high expectations from humans.  I guess I showed them.

Come back and see what other hot mess Ms. BugBug gets herself into.

Monday, May 28, 2012

A Quiet Reflective Memorial Day

We usually go to the cemetaries on Memorial Day and put out flowers and toys at the graves of loved ones, mow and weed-eat.  But I am on-call this weekend so we stayed home. It was nice. Other than calling my mother to see if she was going to hand out flags for the vets' families and graves, we did not even get one phone call.  I hope I did not jinx myself, the day is not over yet. My mother said that she does this service every year and the younger people just want to sit around, bbq and drink beer. She said that she was tired this year and the whipper snappers need to get off their butts and do their duty and stop expecting the older vets to do everything.  She was also pretty mad last year because the Catholic cemetaries do not allow American flags to be placed at the graves of veterans. 

SOO we just watched the new episode of Game of Thrones and did...well...nothing.  I am not sure what happened to the day...

I did get a few pics of Bug and Spider snorgling each other.  Spider is nursing on Bug's neck, as usual, and she just lets him slobber all over her.  Eww.
Look at her face.

They have some kind of interspecies crush going on.

You can see Spider latched on to her neck! The little weirdo.

Finally my baby girl bunny is pooping nice big fluffy poops, instead of the small hard rocks like you find in a package of dried beans

My beautiful baby boy bunny, my handsome sugarbun !!! He is so gorgeous. I surprised him with the flash.  OH that haircut!

Know what I am totaly diggin' on? Half and Half tea and lemonade.  I got some of the individual mix packets for bottled water and I am HOOKED.  I have been drinking it all day and hid my stash from the kids.  MINE MINE ALL MINE!!!! 

Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Lazy Sunday/Bunday

One of my favorite cartoon series is Avatar: The Last Airbender.  I got sad when the series ended, just like I got sad when Harry Potter was all grown up. lol. I get that way finishing a good book or televison series (Arrested Development).  When I finished reading The Farseer and Tawny Man books by Robin Hobb, I was miserable.  But she has other books of course, and I lost myself in the Soldier Son and Reindeer People stories.  So when my husband asked if I wanted to watch the new Avatar series, I was Avatard happy again.  We watched all the episodes that have aired so far.  Yes, I am a geekazoid, come on and wind me up...

Meany Girl Bunny and her hunny bunny got a bit of fresh grass today. They ate it all up. I wish I could let them go outside to enjoy the mornings and evenings, but I am too afraid of insects and birds of prey.  Maybe when the weather cools in the fall...
How do you like babyboy's haircut? She kept barbering him and I noticed her poops getting smaller and smaller with wool in them, so I knew she was suffering a little wool block. I just gave him a haircut and gave her some lettuces with extra virgin olive oil and some of her favorite baby food treats like pears and apples with cherries.  She is pooping better now.  Only bunny people would understand the obsession with poop!

Can ANYONE tell me what kind of flower this is? I guess it must be a weed, but the blooms are very pretty.

I had tried to take pictures of a moth.  Since reading A Girl of the Limberlost , I have been more appreciative of moths.  I loved that book, by the way. 

Simon here looks like he is smiling!! He really does hate being outside, though.  Big spoiled baby.

We just had ourselves a lazy Sunday.  I guess we could have gone to the church picnic, but I woke up too late...
Bug is scratching around, that means she is ready for bed.  See you tomorrow!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Bunny Vid

Check out the video of  the Overlords (the bunnies).
That is all for now.  See you tomorrow with more Bug and Company!

Saturday, March 31, 2012

Bug Bath

My baby girl was getting a bit stinky.  She actually started smelling like a dog. SHE AIN'T A DOG! She's a bug.  My bugbug. I just brought her into the shower with me and washed her pretty.  She is so soft and goodsmellums now. I was surprised she didn't go bugnuts on me.

Mr. Bubbles had to dry her off  and she fell right to sleep after burying herself under a pillow and a blanket. 

I contract with a company in NY that provides after-hours collection for drug screens and breath alcohol tests.  My counterpart here in OKC is off for the next week and I am getting all the call-outs.  I love it, I love my job! But I have been gone a lot between collections and errands. It has just been too warm to drag Ms. Bug along.  Mr. B says she just cries and whines when I leave.  When I come back, she attacks me.  So I have been feeling a bit guilty like I am neglecting her.  I got her this Hello Kitty Ty beanie toy.  She loves it.

I found this Ty beanie octopus at a yard sale. OH does Ms. Bug LOVE this toy.  It is bigger than her but she is tough and does not let EightLegs get the upper hand in a fight.

Man, I am tired.  I feel like I am living on energy drinks and other assorted caffienated beverages! But hey, if I get called out, I am happy to go!

Friday, March 30, 2012

Bunnies Rule. Literally

The bunnies have it made and it will be a cold day in hell before I let them be terrorized by anyone.  So I got medieval on Ms. Bug for barking and nipping and she did not like it.  She curled up on my bed and shivered.  I have NEVER yelled at her like that and she was surprised.  She was so distraught that when I was done cleaning the pen, I came into my bedroom and she cried because she wanted me to come lay down with her for her nap.  She is such a baby.  I do not feel the least bad or guilty that I verbally tore her a new ass, either.  The rabbits have no recourse if Bug is after them.  She needs to learn that bunnies rule, not Ms. Bug.  The other dog sure knows it.
x-pen made with closet cubes from Target. I had to put two pieces of plywood at the edges to keep Fatty from pushing the pen walls away from the house walls.

The bench in the corner is a place to sit under and on top of.  I have THE SOFTEST area rug in the universe doubled up on top for comfort.  If I didn't know better, I would swear this rug was made from rabbit fur. 

Notice that where there is extra height at the bench and the hidey box I trippled the grid to keep them from jumping out. I guess we will see if it works.

Hay basket, food bowl, water bottle. All at the opposite corner from the litter hay tray.  Puppy training pads are the best.  I use one to line the litter tray.  I just pull it out when it's time to clean the tray. I put another one underneath the tray, which is sitting inside a longer tray, to soak up any leaks.  They are pretty clean bunnies, though. 
 My SWEET BABY BOY!!! I luvs HIM! Hims so HANDSOME! Standing on his hind legs.  As the base for the pen, I use a flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth, vinyl side up.  I then have a sheet on top of the tablecloth and store bought rag rugs on top of the sheet.  Very soft and comfy for my buns. I have  a burlap bag at the end of the pen where the litter tray is and covering the litter tray's tray, there is a one of those toilet-area rugs shaped like a U.

Meany girl.  She is a pistol. Ain't she just pretty pretty, though? So prim.

The "happy"? Couple. 

Look at her sticking her fat nose into the grid! I had to get the hay basket because she kept pulling out the hay onto the floor! I think she secretly wants to be a bunny.  Can't blame her. I want to be a rabbit, too, sometimes.

Her and Mr. Bubbles snuggling. She loves her Big Daddy.