Friday, March 16, 2012

A Bug in Longhorn Country

My oldest son was staying with his girlfriend in Dallas this last week.  Today we drove down there to pick him up. 
The thought of being in Texas scared the piss out of her, LITERALLY.

At the scenic turnout by Arbuckle/Turner Falls/Davis area. Babygirl had to pee so bad she tumbled down the hill and got lost in the tall wet grass.

See that tiny whitish speck in the middle? That's Bug.  Thankfully it was too cold for the snakes to be out and about.  But not the hawks and buzzards.  That occurred to me as I filmed her running through the grass back up the hill towards us.  I was watching the sky closely.

ohhhhhhhhh kaaaaaayyyyy????.....

Crossing the Red River.

Ugh, this is the first pack of smokes in almost a month.  Driving out of state makes me nervous. I won't lie to you.  That cigarette was yummy.

Phew. Rest stop potty break.  Heading north back home.

That white speck in the middle of the field is Bug.  She is SO tiny.  No, I was not too far away from her, that was my camera doing a wide shot.  That truck scared the crap out of her when it was downshifting and she was a little chi-bullet right to me. 

Bug made a new friend at the rest stop.  This nice lady saw me coming her way with Bug and stopped to talk to me.  She said she had chihuahuas all her life but could never afford a teacup like Bug.  I told her Bug was not a teacup chi and not quite three months old yet, but she insisted that based on Bug's paw size, my baby wouldn't get much bigger than four pounds.  FOUR POUNDS.  I guess she would know, having had chihuahuas all her life.

Oh pretty pretty Springtime!

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