Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Butt-Hurt Bug

Poor Bug! I custom made a collar just for her.  She hates it. She hates being dressed up.  Sure, shake a blanket at her and she is ready to snuggle.  Just don't try to put clothes on her!
I had made her a little friendship bracelet style collar a few weeks ago and my parents gave me another lecture on choking and collar safety.  Did I mention I am 37 years old and still getting lectures? I will just take it as proof that my parents still love me...??? OK, OK, so it was not very safe to tie a bunch of string around her tiny neck.  I deserved the lecture.
SO... I decided to rethink my collars for Bug and here is the following checklist:
  1. Safe? Velcro closure. Check
  2. Cute? Has bugs, a bow and bobble. Check
  3. Handmade? By me. Check.
  4. Versatile? I have a large stash of cute fabric for more collars. Check
  5. Comfy? Very lightweight and soft. Check
  6. Does Bug approve? HELL NO.  Five out of six ain't bad.
Bug is a very intelligent dog.  She knew something was up when I measured around her neck.  Somehow, she always knows when I am about to put something on her.  Clever girl. Now she is all butt-hurt and has buried herself under the blankets and will not give me kisses.  She sure is giving me the stink-eye.

Just a tube of fabric.  Add Velcro for the closure. Used a honey colored cotton quilt thread to secure the honey bee charm and a bit of red ribbon.

Isn't she a pretty pretty princess? My sweet little girl!

My next project for her is to bind a lightweight blanket of flannel. Fleece for winter, flannel for summer.  She goes almost everywhere with me and I don't want her to get chilly. 
Gold gingham binding on this cute pink, white and gold flannel.  So pretty for my Pretty!

I am going to make a tote bag to carry her around.  I have an idea to use a canvas tote and retro-fit it ( I love that word...retro-fit) or upcycle it (not so much liking the word upcycle) so that she can be carried comfortably and still remain contained within.  Usually when we go someplace, I wrap her in a blanket and carry her like a baby.  She conks right out. Anyway, I will do a tutorial if it comes out OK. 

Come back and see us!

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