Friday, March 23, 2012

Bug in the Popcorn Bowl

Mr. Bubbles and I went to see 21 Jumpstreet.  We had a to leave a little early to stop and get Mr. B. some Sudafed.  Springtime is getting to everyone and I have a houseful of snotty noses and sinus headaches.  I was going to sneak my Bug into the movie theater but Mr. B was being all "Um NO" about it.  I felt guilty for leaving her home for so long.  Though she is not so tiny as when we first brought her home, I still do not trust our bigger dogs to be gentle with her.  They are too old and cantankerous to be trusted with a hyper little bullet of a dog like Bug.  I was going to leave her in our bedroom with the door closed but she would go bugnuts and start howling if left alone.  I got my oldest to Bugsit.  Whenever I go to a store, I look for cute little stuffed toys for Bug.  I found a bug-eyed Ty beanie bunny at Walgreens.  This makes bunny toy number three for her. 

I filmed her playing with the bunny toy and at one point, she stared at the camera and started backing up on the bed and fell right off into a popcorn bowl sitting on the floor. Excuse my very untidy bedroom!

Then I had to comfort her and put her down for a nap.

I should get a video of Bug trying to get Mr. B. to scratch her belly with his chin whiskers.  She throws herself on his face and paws at his beard. 

See you next time!

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