Friday, March 30, 2012

Bunnies Rule. Literally

The bunnies have it made and it will be a cold day in hell before I let them be terrorized by anyone.  So I got medieval on Ms. Bug for barking and nipping and she did not like it.  She curled up on my bed and shivered.  I have NEVER yelled at her like that and she was surprised.  She was so distraught that when I was done cleaning the pen, I came into my bedroom and she cried because she wanted me to come lay down with her for her nap.  She is such a baby.  I do not feel the least bad or guilty that I verbally tore her a new ass, either.  The rabbits have no recourse if Bug is after them.  She needs to learn that bunnies rule, not Ms. Bug.  The other dog sure knows it.
x-pen made with closet cubes from Target. I had to put two pieces of plywood at the edges to keep Fatty from pushing the pen walls away from the house walls.

The bench in the corner is a place to sit under and on top of.  I have THE SOFTEST area rug in the universe doubled up on top for comfort.  If I didn't know better, I would swear this rug was made from rabbit fur. 

Notice that where there is extra height at the bench and the hidey box I trippled the grid to keep them from jumping out. I guess we will see if it works.

Hay basket, food bowl, water bottle. All at the opposite corner from the litter hay tray.  Puppy training pads are the best.  I use one to line the litter tray.  I just pull it out when it's time to clean the tray. I put another one underneath the tray, which is sitting inside a longer tray, to soak up any leaks.  They are pretty clean bunnies, though. 
 My SWEET BABY BOY!!! I luvs HIM! Hims so HANDSOME! Standing on his hind legs.  As the base for the pen, I use a flannel-backed vinyl tablecloth, vinyl side up.  I then have a sheet on top of the tablecloth and store bought rag rugs on top of the sheet.  Very soft and comfy for my buns. I have  a burlap bag at the end of the pen where the litter tray is and covering the litter tray's tray, there is a one of those toilet-area rugs shaped like a U.

Meany girl.  She is a pistol. Ain't she just pretty pretty, though? So prim.

The "happy"? Couple. 

Look at her sticking her fat nose into the grid! I had to get the hay basket because she kept pulling out the hay onto the floor! I think she secretly wants to be a bunny.  Can't blame her. I want to be a rabbit, too, sometimes.

Her and Mr. Bubbles snuggling. She loves her Big Daddy.

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