Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Lazy Sunday/Bunday

One of my favorite cartoon series is Avatar: The Last Airbender.  I got sad when the series ended, just like I got sad when Harry Potter was all grown up. lol. I get that way finishing a good book or televison series (Arrested Development).  When I finished reading The Farseer and Tawny Man books by Robin Hobb, I was miserable.  But she has other books of course, and I lost myself in the Soldier Son and Reindeer People stories.  So when my husband asked if I wanted to watch the new Avatar series, I was Avatard happy again.  We watched all the episodes that have aired so far.  Yes, I am a geekazoid, come on and wind me up...

Meany Girl Bunny and her hunny bunny got a bit of fresh grass today. They ate it all up. I wish I could let them go outside to enjoy the mornings and evenings, but I am too afraid of insects and birds of prey.  Maybe when the weather cools in the fall...
How do you like babyboy's haircut? She kept barbering him and I noticed her poops getting smaller and smaller with wool in them, so I knew she was suffering a little wool block. I just gave him a haircut and gave her some lettuces with extra virgin olive oil and some of her favorite baby food treats like pears and apples with cherries.  She is pooping better now.  Only bunny people would understand the obsession with poop!

Can ANYONE tell me what kind of flower this is? I guess it must be a weed, but the blooms are very pretty.

I had tried to take pictures of a moth.  Since reading A Girl of the Limberlost , I have been more appreciative of moths.  I loved that book, by the way. 

Simon here looks like he is smiling!! He really does hate being outside, though.  Big spoiled baby.

We just had ourselves a lazy Sunday.  I guess we could have gone to the church picnic, but I woke up too late...
Bug is scratching around, that means she is ready for bed.  See you tomorrow!

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