Monday, May 28, 2012

A Quiet Reflective Memorial Day

We usually go to the cemetaries on Memorial Day and put out flowers and toys at the graves of loved ones, mow and weed-eat.  But I am on-call this weekend so we stayed home. It was nice. Other than calling my mother to see if she was going to hand out flags for the vets' families and graves, we did not even get one phone call.  I hope I did not jinx myself, the day is not over yet. My mother said that she does this service every year and the younger people just want to sit around, bbq and drink beer. She said that she was tired this year and the whipper snappers need to get off their butts and do their duty and stop expecting the older vets to do everything.  She was also pretty mad last year because the Catholic cemetaries do not allow American flags to be placed at the graves of veterans. 

SOO we just watched the new episode of Game of Thrones and did...well...nothing.  I am not sure what happened to the day...

I did get a few pics of Bug and Spider snorgling each other.  Spider is nursing on Bug's neck, as usual, and she just lets him slobber all over her.  Eww.
Look at her face.

They have some kind of interspecies crush going on.

You can see Spider latched on to her neck! The little weirdo.

Finally my baby girl bunny is pooping nice big fluffy poops, instead of the small hard rocks like you find in a package of dried beans

My beautiful baby boy bunny, my handsome sugarbun !!! He is so gorgeous. I surprised him with the flash.  OH that haircut!

Know what I am totaly diggin' on? Half and Half tea and lemonade.  I got some of the individual mix packets for bottled water and I am HOOKED.  I have been drinking it all day and hid my stash from the kids.  MINE MINE ALL MINE!!!! 

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