Saturday, July 14, 2012

Frozen Watermelon Snorfles

Aldi had seedless watermelons for 3.99.  I bought one and gutted it this morning and put the bowl in the freezer. These frozen chunks are better than popsicles and are better than paletas.  I gave the bunnies a few slivers of  the pale pink fruit from close to the rind with their breakfast greens (less sugar).  Meany Girl is not an aggressive eater, so before she could grab a slice, Fatty chased her off and snorfled it all.  I think she did get the last piece I gave her and I went ahead and added some of the juice that came off the pink and rind in their water crock.  Even Simon and Bug got a watermelon chunk treat. 

Frozen watermelon chunks are a super way to stay cool by lowering your core temperature in a tasty, healthy way.  Forget popsicles! Freeze watermelon! You can put all the chunks into a large bowl and stick it in your freezer, but do not pack any of it. Just let the chunks sit loosely on each other so they wont freeze rock solid together.  The natural sugar content should prevent the chunks from freezing rock hard.  And you don't have to mess with food processors and molds.