Tuesday, May 29, 2012

PrettyPretty Princesses DO NOT Do That!!!!

Oh, my Bug is a nasty little pretty pretty princess!  She licks Spider The Cat's butt after he poops, she digs in the cat box for crunchy covered brown morsels and digs in the bathroom wastebasket! Pretty pretty princesses just should not do stuff like that! EW. And she knows she shouldn't do those things because she sees us see her doing them and those ears get plastered to her head, she gets the guiltiest look on her face and runs off before we can even scold her.  Today she had a chunk of cat poop ON A BASKET OF CLEAN LAUNDRY, just munching away.  When Josh yelled at her and she jumped out, a little piece of her "yummy treat" went flying out of the basket.  She ran up to it at the same time I am running to get it off the floor and we play a game of pick-up-poop, which she wins.  She grabbed it and happily ran into my bedroom with her prize.  I come running after her before she can jump on the bed with it.  When I lay down for a minute, she has the NERVE to run up to me like she is just the perfect little doll baby and tries to LICK MY FACE.

Little Miss Nonchalant

Thank goodness she is too small to reach the toilet water!!!

She is not even cute in any of these pictures. Or maybe I am just grossed out by her very unladylike habits.

Yes, hide your face! Cat poop is gross!

Oh, who am I kidding? She is still my girl baby princess!!!!

Simon Says: Cat poops are ewwwwww...that's why I only eat of the trash or gutters!
Good boy, Simon!

It was my day to at Heartland Rabbit Rescue.  These girls all fought over my attention til I went in there and sat down.  I guess they were very unimpressed with my digging in their sand pit. They should not have such high expectations from humans.  I guess I showed them.

Come back and see what other hot mess Ms. BugBug gets herself into.

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